Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome Back!

Well this may be conceited to welcome myself back, but its been so long since I have posted.... partly out of being busy, partly due to a general dislike for the direction the team was going towards the end of last season. I know a large portion of Thrashers fans think I am referring to "losing" Hossa, but thats not something I think we could have helped with the state of the rest of the team in shambles. Hossa wants to win and it didn't take a genius to figure out that the chances of that in Atlanta weren't looking good.

The future still is not looking great, and I don't think its really management that is being tested right now... its the fans. Atlanta has to prove to be a hockey market if we want big names to come here. Maybe a better GM could have pulled in the names, but DW is what we got and he doesn't have too many selling points for Atlanta as a town to come to for hockey talent.

As of now, there are two reasons I am excited for next season despite a terrible year for free agency signings so far.... Bogosian and Anderson. Zach Bogosian will hopefully be the savior of the Thrashers blueline with the help of other young guys in Enstrom and Hainsley. Anderson will hopefully (as he has been quoted) get rid of the AWFUL dump and chase offense. I am tired of watching us dump the puck into the corners where we are way too small to win the fight for the puck. Hopefully his system will work out despite our lack of offense this year. I think our defense is young enough to handle this offensive system and maybe help out with a few goals here and there while still being a formidable opponent on D. I still have a small glimmer of hope we will bring in some actual offensive talent before the season starts, but I may be kidding myself. If nothing else, DW has learned to not sign any more old guys. I am ready for hockey season to start already.

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