Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Two Cents: Avs at Thrashers

Ouch. That was a tough one to watch. Although I do think there is some freedom in finally being able to just watch the hockey and not worry about points and playoffs, tonight's effort was not particularly inspiring.

While there are plenty of negatives to highlight (i.e general lack of enthusiasm), I'd like to just point out a few - after a while you can only say something so often before it gets redundant. Moose didn't have a good game tonight - the defense didn't help him out much, obviously, although the shot totals for once ended up being almost manageable (I'm not sure whether this was because we stepped it up or because Colorado went easy on us or some combination of both). Exelby was out of position on two goals pretty noticeably - he is just having an awful year. Our powerplay was horrid tonight - or perhaps the Avs PK is really good. We did get a few good looks but otherwise it was pretty uninspired - we couldn't even keep it in the offensive zone on our last PP.

Despite the lopsided score, I did think there were a few positives tonight - I still like Little and Kovy together, and I hope that pairing continues. I think Kozzie is playing heads and shoulders above his play earlier in the year. I also liked the Kiwi/Mac pairing. If you had asked me before the game I would have thought that was a horrible idea, but they actually looked pretty good together. Finally, I think the EC/Army/Perrin line is really starting to gel - Perrin still looks a bit out of sync but they are really starting to click out there. Army in particular is really starting to get into a rhythm, and I'm excited to see how those guys do next season.

Not a lot to be excited about tonight, but at this point I'm just looking for things to build on for next year.

As always, this is only my two cents. I could be wrong.

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