Friday, March 21, 2008

My two cents: Caps at Thrashers


I think the first two periods were some of the best hockey we've played all year - not necessarily stats wise (I think we took 5 or 6 shots in the first), but as a total team effort. We had outstanding goaltending, hard-hitting defense, puck possession, and energy. I didn't know what to expect coming into tonight's game, but it seemed like the guys were at least going to make Washington work for a playoff berth-- and they were going to make AO work for his goals tonight as well.

The second period was outstanding-- I really wanted Slater to get the hat trick! When was the last time he had a multiple goal game? Enstrom's goal was a beauty--and just illustrates why I would like him to keep shooting the puck, please. He has started doing it more lately, but imagine how he could have done if he did it all season instead of the patented "fake" move on the PP?

Unfortunately, as has been the case all season, we didn't show up for a full game. The mystery is always which period we are going to take off-- tonight it was the third, obviously. They took 23 shots in the third period. That was more than we took for the entire game! We (once again) took our foot off the gas with a lead, and it came back to bite us. Everything fell apart in the third-- our D collapsed, our forwards stopped shooting, we couldn't hang onto the puck... we played to not lose the game, and Washington played to win the game. Kari absolutely stood on his head tonight, and it really sucks that he takes the L for this one.

Perrin, Slater, Holik, Lehtonen, and Enstrom played well.

The checking line played well, especially against Washington's top line.

Otherwise... well... there's always next season I suppose. Let's hope we draft well.

Congrats to AO for netting goal #60 - first player since 1995. I hope they make the playoffs and do well. They've earned it.

As always, this is only my two cents. I've been wrong before.

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